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We love the depth and admire writers who cover niche topics in great detail. We love the intimacy of seeing these notes arriving in our inboxes directly from our favorite authors. And we love the serenity of reading every word without being interrupted by notifications. It’s a welcome change from 280 character limits on Twitter, fake news on Facebook, clickbait headlines and search engine optimized copy.

We often wake up in the morning, eager to check if the latest issue by our favorite author has arrived, much like we used to check the mailbox for the daily newspaper or weekly magazine in the old days.

And we thought you might too.

To help you discover your favorite editorial newsletters we have created this directory. Each of the editorial newsletters has extensive editorial content right in the email; you won’t find any blog notifications or auto generated lists of links. We also skipped all email marketing campaigns and direct promotions; while the authors of the editorial newsletter might have a commercial interest, the purpose of the newsletters we picked is not entice you to purchase.


What is a editorial newsletter?
The editorial newsletter usually contains extensive editorial content and is typically put together by people who are passionate about a certain topic. This type of newsletter is not about blog notifications and auto generated lists of links. Also, you won’t find any email marketing campaigns in there. The editorial newsletter is about curation and expression of thoughts.
How can I submit my own newsletter?
You have a editorial newsletter? Yey, we can’t wait to take a look! You can submit it here. After we review your submission and your newsletter qualifies as editorial, we’ll include it in Discover.
Awesome, you included my newsletter. How can I edit the information?
In case you want to change anything that has to do with your newsletter on Discover, simply contact us at discover@getrevue.co and we’ll take care of it!
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